Welcome to the UKCC Leaderboards Homepage, here you can see the standings for the Deca-Exa club weekly Lichess tournaments as well as the ECF ladder standings


In the leaderboard section you can find the full results for the five groups of the UKCC Spring club (updated every Friday), the website is currently in development so we will be adding more stats as the term progresses, such as 'Grand-Prix' score. Find out more here: https://www.delanceyukschoolschesschallenge.com/spring-term/


If you are a member of the ECF academy this year then you will be aware of the all new correspondence ladder this year. Players will challenge other players and if they win they swap with them on the ladder. Sarah Alex and Jonny will also be participating so this is your chance to defeat them! Find out more here: https://www.delanceyukschoolschesschallenge.com/sales-page-ecf/